Pollock Double Wedding – October 17th 1901

These two couples were married in a double wedding at Shirland Congregational Church at high noon on Thursday, Oct. 17, 1901 by Rev. J. W. Helmuth.  May and Wilbur are brother and sister.

Wilbur H. Pollock (age 27) and Miss Ada Wilson Nye.  His parents were William “Henry” Pollock and Phebe Almira Lippitt (Lippett), formerly Mrs. Strail.

Ada Nye was born March 26, 1877 and died on October 20, 1905.  Her parents were Hovey B. Nye and Ada M. Wilson Nye.

Dwight Powell (age 23) and Miss May Agnes Pollock (age 23).  His parents were Ephraim Powell and Nancy Geary Powell.

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1955 – The Roy Cummings Are Wed 50 Years

Thirty-eight relatives of the couple gathered for a family dinner at the home of their daughter Mrs. Wilbur Hopkins of Mount Morris, IL.

The man next to Elsie is Harry Bainbridge.  Mean was in the church basement.  The Hopkins lived in the parsonage next to the church.

Note: the announcement lists the wedding year as 1895 which conflicts with their marriage certificate that states 1905.   A 1905 wedding would put the 50th anniversary in 1955 which is most likely given the age of Joann Powell Gove in one of the pictures who was 11 years old at the time.

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Cummings/Steward Wedding newspaper clipping








The marriage of Miss Ida Elsie Steward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Minard Steward, of 1220 School Street, to Roy B. Cummings of Roscoe, took place last evening at the home of the bride’s parents, in the presence of a large company of friends and relatives.  Invitations to the number of 100 had been issued for the wedding which had its solemnization at 6 o’clock.

The Rev. Frank D. Sheets performed the ceremony in the home being handsomely decorated with asparagus ferns and flowers.  In the parlors and throughout the house the green and white idea prevailed to the strains of Mendelssohn’s wedding march rendered on the piano by Mrs. E. Lowe, the bridal party took their place beneath a bell, done in ferns and holding a shower of rose petals.  Draped from the bell were fourteen white ribbons and at the end of each was a member of the Ab Bea club of which the bride and her sister, Miss Delphine, are members.  At the close of the ceremoney (sic) a tightening of the ribbons loosened the rose leaves which showered the bride.  Misses Bertha Cummings and Delphine Steward, sisters of the bridal couple, were the only attendants.  The parlor of the Steward home had been prettily arranged for the wedding, a bank of palms and Easter lilies being arranged in front of the window and before this stood during the ceremony.  Asparagus fern had been used in profusion in available places about the room.

The bride was attired in a gown of white silk Persian lawn and carried a shower boquet (sic) of bride roses.  Her attendants were attired in white and carried pink roses.

The dining room, where a coallation (sic) was served after the ceremony, was prettily arranged, the same color scheme of green and white being employed.

Mr. and Mrs. Cummings will go to housekeeping at once in the home they have prepared at Roscoe and after May 20 will be at home to friends. Mr. Cummings is with the American Insurance company in that place.  His bride of last evening has been a resident of Rockford for about a year, the family staying here from the farm in _____________.