10th Anniversary Celebration- 1911

Dwight and May Powell received a surprise 10th anniversary party from their family and friends on October 17, 1911.  It was all the more surprising because their wedding date was March 2, 1902.   They received $17 as a token for which they purchased a set of dishes.  This information was logged in their original wedding album (link pending).  The gift money that was received is referenced in the poem shown below.

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In attendance at the party were Reverend Wesley Feldwisch and his wife Zoe.  Mrs. Feldwisch presented the following poem for the occasion:

Dearly Belov’d, we’re gathered here
as guests, tho’ uninvited,
But one and all with right good cheer
For surely are united.

In wishing Dwight and May the best
That this old world can give one,
And so with laugh and merry jest
We’ve watched the happy hours run.

We bring congratulations here
Tis joy you will agree
To visit our friends to us most dear
And their “olive branches” three.

Oft on (have cooked?) on a tableau here
Surely there is no other
That makes a picture quite as dear
As a sweet, devoted mother.

Doe’r listened to the father’s song
In his melodious bass
And wondered how he kept so long
That smile upon his face.

But these we know the reason is
That Heav’n has blessed this place,
And feel that all the praise is His,
Who keeps us by His grace.

Dear friends, we know that on this day
Nice gifts are quite the thing
But do forgive us if we say
Such things we could not bring.

However for so many days
(Pray do not think it shocking)
We’ve saved our cash, all we could raise
And kept it in a stocking.

For thine we knew it safe would lie
And you could “salt it down”
To purchase whate’er you wish to buy
Next time you go to town.

And, now, again we say to you,
Your friends all wish you well.
May joy and health and sorrows few,
By yours, while here you dwell.

Z. H. Feldwisch
Oct. 17, 1911


10th anniversary poem

10th anniversary poem

10th anniversary poem page 2

10th anniversary poem page 2