Sarah Ward Benedict Page

Mrs. Benedict wrote about seven hundred poems, many of which received extensive publication in the periodical press.  She was married in 1832 to Elias Benedict; was left a widow in 1881, and her only daughter died a few years later.  Mrs. Benedict was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in Roscoe, Illinois. source of information from “Local and National Poets” cited below.

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descendant Genevieve Powell

Poem “Gone Home” front page of The Roman Citizen paper of Rome, N.Y. Aug. 16, 1872

Three Poems Published in ‘Local and National Poets of America” edited and compiled by Thomas W. Herringshaw in 1892

  1. Extract
  2. The Hidden Key
  3. What the Birdie Said to Me

Smiles and Tears – poems written by Sarah

The Hidden Key (unpublished version)
My Songs are Smiles and Tears
Roses of the Past
The Wild Bird and Canary
Words Without Faith are as Naught

A Strike at King Alcohol

Key Statistics

Born / Died:  born in Guilford, CT January 9, 1813 / died in Roscoe, IL

Spouse: Elias Benedict / married in 1832

Children:  Lucy Ward Benedict Cummings

Parents:  Peletiah Leete / Betsey Ranney

Known Siblings: Betsey Bethiah Leete married Harley N. Leete, Sophia Maria Whaley, Myrta Marita Edes, Amanda Jeanette Pratt, Laura Ann, Peletiah Ward

parent and sibling information is from the 1884 book:  The family of William Leete: one of the first settlers of Guilford, Conn


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