Roy Lundy Cummings Page

Roy had a jolly disposition and liked to play baseball and fish. In the late 1920s he bought a cottage at Charlie’s Bluff on Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin. Many good times were had there. The last 15-20 years of his life were altered by the onset of Multiple Sclerosis, which in time confined him to a wheel chair. It was a great blow to him when Elsie died suddenly of a heart attach. With the help of his son Norm and wife Helen, he was able to stay in his own home. They were fortunate to find a live-in housekeeper that took very good care of him for another 8.5 years. His occupation was an insurance salesman with American Insurance Company & Rockford Life Insurance. (Information from Steward Genealogy book compiled by Elva Elsie Bainbridge Anderson).

Roy Lundy Cummings

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Son Norman lived to be 106 years old

Key Statistics

Born / Died: April 30, 1880 to May 26, 1966 (buried in Roscoe, IL cemetery)

Spouse: Elsie Steward Cummings married April 19, 1905


Parents: Sarah Antoinette “Nettie” Lundy and Frank B Cummings

Known Siblings: pending


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