Dwight Ephraim Powell Jr. Page

The Rockton, Illinois native earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 1933, the master’s degree in 1936 and Ph. D. in 1943, all in entomology.  He was with the State Natural History Survey from 1934 until his U. of I. appointment the following year as a special research assistant in entomology.  He became an associate in plant pathology in 1939.

Dwight was considered an authority on fireblight disease and its control and in 1970 was elected to the Illinois State Horticultural Society’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his years of research, teaching and extension work in close association with the fruit growers of the state.

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Key Statistics

Born / Died:  October 4, 1908 to May 8, 1977

Spouse: Ida “Genevieve” Cummings Powell

Children: Phyllis Mae Powell, Dwight Alden Powell, Joann Lucille Powell Gove

Parents: May Pollock and Dwight Ephraim Powell

Known Siblings:  Dorothy Powell, Alden Leslie “Les” Powell, Marian Powell Parke

Occupation: Professor of Plant Pathology at University of Illinois

Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery and Mausoleum, Champaign, Illinois


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