Almira Warren & John Wesley Lippitt Page

Dr. Lippitt was the first doctor in Shirland territory, IL and one of the first, if not the first, in Winnebago county.

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Key Statistics

Born / Died: John died July 21, 1864 in Shirland; Almira died on April 7, 1865; he is buried in the Shirland Cemetery, Illinois and she is buried in the Shirland Cemetery.

Spouse: 1st wife Almira Jocelyn (died in 1840) / 2nd wife Almira Warren (nee Yarrington) married in 1843

Children: Almira Jocelyn’s children: Maria Louise, Ann Phidelia, Mary Jane, Francis; Almira Warren’s children: Phebe Almira, John, Loudon (or Lowden), Albert Wesley, and Ira (died at 2-years old); John, Albert, & Ira potentially came from Almira Warren’s first marriage. Lowdon may have died in the Civil War.

Two of the boys: John and Albert drowned in the Pecatonia river in 1856 where the family had gone for a picnic.

Parents: to be determined

Siblings: to be determined


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