Surname List

Listing by Generation based on my mother Joann Gove

1st Generation

Phyllis Powell, Dwight A. Powell, Joann Powell Gove

2nd Generation

Dwight Ephraim Powell, Jr. /  Ida “Genevieve” Cummings Powell

3rd Generation

Dwight Ephraim Powell, Sr. / May Agnes Pollock Powell (lots to come)
Roy Lundy Cummings /  Ida “Elsie” Steward Cummings

4th Generation

Ephraim Powell /  Nancy Geary Powell (lots to come)
William Henry Pollock /  Phebe (or Phoebe) Almira Lippitt Pollock (1st marriage Strail)
Frank Cummings / Sarah Antoinette “Nettie” Lundy Cummings (lots to come)
Minard Steward / Ida “Elva” Mills Steward (lots to come)

5th Generation

Samuel Powell / Sarah Kern Powell (lots to come)
Undetermined Gearys
Samuel Pollock / Betsey Sackett Pollock
Dr. John Wesley Lippitt / Almira Yarrington Warren
Albert Cummings / Lucy Ward Benedict Cummings (more to come)
William Lundy / Emily Norris Lundy (pictures to come)
William James Steward / Sophia Long Steward (info to come)
Minard Mills / Elva Oakes Mills (info to come)

6th Generation

Pending Powells
Pending Kerns
Pending Gearys
Hiram Cummings / Rachel Reed Cummings (pictures and info on both will be posted)
Elias Benedict / Sarah Ward Leete Benedict
Azariah Lundy / Elizabeth Miller Lundy
John Norris / Eliza ____ Norris
Undetermined Stewards
Undetermined Longs
Cornelius Mills / Undetermined
Garret Oakes / Mary or Marie Long Oakes



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  1. Norma Combs says:

    Impressive site that I happened upon while searching Lippits.

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