Quite Sick

I always thought they looked like strong, tough country folk.  See pic at bottom.  Here are some of their ailments that made the local news back in the day.  None of these were fatal illnesses. 

Ephraim & Nancy Powell
1878, September 27th Rockton Herald: Glad to see Mr. E. Powell in town again.  A severe attack of fever shows its effect on him. 

1900: May 24th Rockton Herald: Mrs. Powell is under the physician’s care at present.

1901: January 31st Rockton Herald:  Mrs. Powell is under Dr. Eakin’s care at present.

1901: February 7th Rockton Herald: Front page, “Mr. & Mrs. E. Powell returned from an extended visit with friends in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.  Mrs. Powell has been quite poorly since their return.” Page 4 of 8, “Mrs. Powell is recovering”

1903: April 23rd Rockton Herald:  Mrs. E. Powell attended church Sunday the first time for many weeks, she has suffered with rheumatism.

1903: September 3rd Rockton Herald:  Mr. Powell has been having a serious siege with his hand, at one time blood poisoning was feared. 

1903: September 17th Rockton Herald:  E. Powell has been suffering a severe case of blood poisoning in his hand in which he ran a thorn.

1903: October 22nd Rockton Herald:  E. Powell has had quite a serious time with his hand lately.

1906: July 26th Rockton Herald:  Mr. E. Powell suffered a great many bruises and injuries in a runaway in Beloit, though is recovering, but not able to be out.

1908: June 11th Rockton Herald: Mrs. E. Powell fell down stairs last Thursday, bruising herself severely.  No bones were broken.

1909: February 11th Rockton Herald:  E Powell who has been quite sick with grip is better at this writing. 

1910: March 10th Rockton Herald:  Mrs. Ephraim Powell had a slight stroke of appoplexy Monday but is doing quite better. 

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Ephraim and Nancy Powell

Ephraim and Nancy Powell



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