She wore Ashes of Roses


Last Friday the post office was well filled with envelopes containing invitations from Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Lundy to attend the marriage ceremony of their daughter, Wednesday evening, March 20, at 8 o’clock, F. B. Cummings and Miss Nettie Lundy.  Another envelope contained an invitation for Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cummings’ reception on Thursday evening, March 21st.screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-7-46-38-pm


Early Wednesday, March 20th, Dr. Lundy’s house was filled to overflowing by the friends to witness the marriage of Nettie Lundy and Frank Cummings.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. H. Reeves, who has great tact in that line of business, making every thing pass off so nicely and pleasantly.  The bride was dressed in ashes of roses colored dress, and the groom in conventional black suit.


After the ceremony, supper was served, and then a pleasant sociable time was had.  The company all dispersed before midnight.  About $150 worth of presents were received, among which were the following:
Two large family bibles, a silver tea set of six pieces, a walnut extension table, an easy chair, silver spoon holder and syrup dish, silver castor, solid silver sugar ladle, pair silver napkin rings, camp chair, glass sauce dish, glass tea set and pitcher, toilet set, vaces, goblets, brackets, chromos, maps, and numerous other articles of less value.

Thursday evening following a large company assembled at Mr. A. B. Cumming’s.  The evening was spent as such parties usually are, and the supper at both places was the best that could be gotten up.  There were from 135 to 150 at each party. The happy couple go to house keeping on Mr. Benedict‘s old place. May they live long and be happy.

Seventeen of Nettie Lundy’s scholars went up to Beloit, last Saturday, and had their pictures taken in a group to present to her.



2 comments on “She wore Ashes of Roses

  1. silverhoosier says:

    This is so interesting! “Ashes of roses”—-I love it! (And did you add the pix yourself?)

    • Mark Gove says:

      This couple would be my moms great grandparents. I had to search the term “ashes of roses” which I wasn’t familiar with. Then found a picture that seemed to embody it.

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