witnesses @ sister’s december wedding

Minard and Elva Mills were married in 1840 and lived most of their lives together in Yarmouth area Canada (per census records).  As young marrieds, they participated in community life.  They were recorded as being witnesses in her sisters wedding in December 1842.

The wedding they witnessed was recorded in the following, with their specific page reference at the end:

Caleb Burdick Register

Early Methodist Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths by
Rev. Caleb Burdick
Malahide Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Annotated Transcription of the register

by Jim McCallum and Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

(Total Register is 72 pages)

Rev. Caleb Burdick’s Register

The following introduction was written presumably by Rev. Dr. J. H. Arnup when the Burdick Register was donated to the Church Archives in 1925. The original book is now housed at the United Church Archives, Victoria College, University of Toronto, Ontario.

“Rev. Caleb Burdick who wrote the Minutes, etc., enclosed herewith was ordained “local deacon” by Bishop George at the well-known Lundy’s Lane Conference in 1820. During the War, he had been connected with the commissariat department of the provincial forces and, according to Carroll, “exerted more or less influence for good along the frontier”.

Dealing with the somewhat obscure period at the close of the war, the same author says: “We take up another of the class under consideration, Enoch Burdock, or Burdick, must not be confounded with his brother, the Rev. Caleb Burdick, who lived in the same region of country – first at Long Point, and after some years removed to the township of Malahide, where he resided till his death, which occurred so lately as July 2, 1858, who, it is said, sometimes traveled (stopping some of the numerous gaps in the Minutes, which we no know not how to fill up), and who was admitted, after the period of which we write, to orders as a local deacon by Bishop George. This second Mr. Burdick was the father of the wife of the Rev. Samuel Rose’s youth, who went early to God. To which of these belongs the honour of leading our distinguished Canadian orator, William Ryerson, to Christ, we are not sure. Some ascribe it to one, and some to the other. We are sure it was one or the other”. (Carroll, Vol. 1, page 267)

At Malahide he exercised his right (recently accorded) to celebrate matrimony and apparently performed locally the other functions of a minister, as the record shows. His wife died in 1842 and is referred to by Carroll as follows: “Mrs. Lavinia Burdick, wife of Caleb Burdick, local minister, converted under Dunham, our first ordained minister, at the first Quarterly Meeting held at Long Point”.

Mr. Burdick remarried and a son of the second union, also named Caleb Burdick, now lives in Aylmer (in the same township) at an advanced age. He very kindly let me have his father’s book, first as a loan for our Centenary Celebration, and then to be preserved in any Methodist institution I might choose.

Presented by: Dr. J. H. Arnup, March 1925


Page 32

(continue marriages)


Dec 28 1842 – Jacob S. DEO to Mary Ann OAKE Both of Yarmouth. Witnesses Minard MILLS  & Elva MILLS. P. Banns

Married in all 111 couples


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