The Hidden Key.

by Sarah Ward Benedict

I relied on myself in my search for the key
That would unlock the gate for a sinner like me.
I searched all around, but the search seemed in vain,
And my heart was so full of an undefined pain.
Oh, my heart was so heavy! the night had grown late,
And I had not found the key to the gate.

I went back to childhood, my life I lived o’er,
And searched all along from shore to shore;
But no key could I find, not even a trace,
And the tears seemed to deluge my poor wrinkled face.
Oh, how hard it was, when it was so late,
That I could not find the key to the gate!

Oh, I must have hope, for I must have the key!
And then I asked Jesus to come and help me.
He came, and it seemed a miracle wrought,
For there, in my heart, was the key that I sought.
My heart had been crusted quite over with care.
And I never once thought that the key could be there.

A warm wave of love, when the Savior drew near,
Soon thawed out my heart that was frozen with fear.
My heart has grown warm, for the Lord on me smile,
And I have become as an innocent child;
Am loving, and trusting, clasp firmly each hand,
For love brings us close, like a family band.

Oh, the beautiful key! the love-burnished key!
That can unlock the kingdom of Heaven for me,
It never can tarnish, its prisms so bright
Will sparkle and glow in a glorified light.
A new life came to me when dear Jesus came
To show me the key when I called on His name.

Published in ‘Local and National Poets of America” edited and compiled by Thomas W. Herringshaw in 1892


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