Have you any old rubber? June 1942

June 19, 1942

My dear Norman,

Dad is busy getting some business papers ready for mailing so says for me to write for him too. The weather is delightful but we have had a great deal of cold rainy weather. The farmers have had a hard time getting crops in due to weather and wet ground. By the way, the wet ground has been just what those poppies want. They stand a foot high and just loaded with buds. Are they some choice kind as the common red ones?

All we hear now is “have you any old rubber?,” if so take it to your nearest gas station and he will give you one cent a pound. We don’t seem to have any. We cleaned the basement too thoroughly last fall to find much of that kind of stuff.

Hilda L., Betty and Densel and Jean took a trip to Mont(?) to visit Shirley and her Aunt (Hilda’s sister) she lives with. They were gone a little over a week.

Dad says tell you that he decided to get that old lawn mower out of the way, so we took it to that man in Love’s Park to have him look it over to see if it was worth fixing, so for a dollar and a half we have a new mower. Newt used it yesterday, says it works fine.

Had a letter from Genevieve in which she mentioned that you were having trouble with your feet. What about it? Tell us what is the matter. Don Fry isn’t home yet. Was pretty sick. Gordon is stil working there but may be called at any time.

Grandpa will spend Sunday with us. Grandma is going to a picnic-dinner down at Mr. Blaksley’s cottage and he won’t go. She wants me to go and I feel the way Grandpa does, no.

Dad and I never thought about air-mail when we sent money before, hope it won’t be necessary to send again. Hope you will get paid. Doesn’t seem right to go so long without a red cent.

Strawberries have been a wonderful crop around here. But are almost gone. We wondered if you had them. You never mention what kind of meals you get. But guess food must be good and wholesome. Perhaps not like home cooking.

Hope you like your new quarters.

We will be looking for the pictures you mentioned and I will pack and send ?????. I will ask Harry E. to save heavy corrugated paper.

Almost time to mail letters so will sign off.

Lovingly, Mother.

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One comment on “Have you any old rubber? June 1942

  1. silverhoosier says:

    Mark, that is such an interesting letter. The part about the rubber is fascinating. I guess I wish we still wrote letters—-who keeps emails, texts, or tweets!!! I hope someone in Brandon’s generation will step up and keep your family archives going when you don’t/can’t do it any longer.

    Paula paulawinter@aol.com

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