Family of Ephraim Powell / Chapter VI of “The Powell Family” book published 1946

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(IV) Ephraim, son of Samuel Powell, was born February 15, 1839; died January 10, 1919. Married Nancy Geary of Homeworth, Ohio, August 5, 1862, who died March 1, 1914. He served in Co. I, 115th Regiment O. V.  I. in the Civil War. After the War, he farmed near Rockton, Illinois. They were loyal and active Methodists. Four Children were born to them: Parker, Hattie, Dwight, Fred.

(A) Parker Samuel, was born September 27, 1866. Attended business college at Rockford, Illinois.  Was employed by the Ingersoll Milling Co., for 35 years.  Is now retired. He married Addelle Collins, March 26, 1890, Who died December 1, 1940. Present address: 2011 Cumberland St., Rockford, Illinois.

Two children were born to them: Harold, Daisy.
(a) Harold Maurice, born December 29, 1891, at Rockford, Illinois. Married Hazel Spielman of Freeport, Illinois October 5, 1923. He is employment Manager for the J. I. Case Farm Implement Factory at Rockford. Address: 422 Fulton Avenue, Rockford, Illinois.

(b) Daisy Lorain, born November 23, 1893 at Rockford, Ill. Married Lawrence K. McFarland of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, March 12, 1917. Address: 2011 Cumberland St., Rockford, Illinois,

(B) Hattie Elizabeth, was born February 7, 1871, died December 20, 1932. She married Mathew Graham, April 10, 1891, who died July 1891. She married Samuel E. Pollock, February, 1893, who was a Methodist minister. He died February 13, 1944 at Irvington, Alabama. There was one son of the first marriage: Mathew; and two daughters and one son of the second marriage: Mary, Ruth, Howard.
(a) Mathew Graham, born January, 5, 1891. Married LaFerne Bell of Hillsdale, Michigan in 1915. He is manager of Thompson Products Co., of Detroit, Michigan. Address: 65 Roslyn Road, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.  One daughter: Phyllis LaFerne.

(1) Phyllis LaFerne: born September 26, 1919. Married John Wood, October 4, 1941. Address: 65 Roslyn Road, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. One daughter: (2/ 1) “Wendy” Wood, born August 9, 1945.

(b) Mary E. Pollock, born April 11, 1899. Married Arthur Maplethorpe, September 21, 1920, who served in World War I. Address: Antioch, Illinois.

Four children: James, Arthur, Charles, Mary Jean.

(1) James Edgar Maplethorpe, born September 25, 1921. Served in the armed forces overseas in World War II.

(2) Arthur Maplethorpe, Jr. born June 12, 1924. Is Serving in the Navy.

(3) Charles Philip Maplethorpe, born November 30, 1925. Is in the A.S.T.P.

(4) Mary Jean Maplethorpe, born March 31, 1929.

(c) Ruth A. Pollock, born May 16, 1900. Married Walter I. Scott, November 9, 1932. He is a business man- milk dealer. Address: Antioch, Illinois. One daughter, Nancy Elizabeth.

(1) Nancy Elizabeth Scott, born November 12, 1941.

(d) Howard Robert Pollock, born July 19, 1910; died April 19, 1914.

(C) Dwight Ephraim was born July 20, 1878, Attended business college at Rockford, Illinois and agricultural college at Madison, Wisconsin. Married May Pollock, October 17, 1901, who died May, 1939. Methodists. Farmer. Address: Rockton, Illinois. Four children: Alden, Marian, Dwight Jr., Dorothy.

(a) Alden Leslie, born November 27, 1902 at Rockton, Illinois. Attended Illinois University, received his Ph. D. in Political Science in 1934. Is Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge.  Married Vera Mace, August 16, 1930. Methodist.   Address: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Have an adopted son, William Mace.

(1) William Mace, born 1941.

(b) Marian Lucile, born April 1, 1906 at Rockton, Illinois. Graduated in 1926 from Rockford Hospital School for Nurses. Attended Illinois University. Received B. A. degree in 1933. Married Park Davis Morgan, September 23, 1933. He is a Captain in the Army in the Anti-Aircraft Division. He formerly was employed as mechanical engineer for the Standard Oil Company. Methodist.  Home address: Munster, Indiana. One son: John Park. (1) John Park Morgan, born February 3, 1940.

(c) Dwight Jr., born October 4, 1908 at Rockton, Illinois. Received B.A. degree from Illinois University in 1933 and Masters degree in Entomology in 1935 and Ph. D. in June, 1943. Is doing research Work in the Horticultural Department at the University of Illinois. Married Genevieve Cummings, August 16, 1935. Methodist. Address: 503 W. High, Urbana, Illinois. Three children: Phyllis Mae, Dwight Alden, Joann Lucille.

(1) Phyllis Mae, born March 26, 1939.

(2) Dwight Alden, born January 21, 1943.

(3) Joann Lucille, born January 7, 1944.

(d) Dorothy, born April 27, 1912 at Rockton. Attended Illinois University, received B. A. degree in 1933 and Masters degree in 1937 in English, at the Louisiana State University. Is a teacher by profession. Was an Ensign in the W.A.V.E.S. Methodist. Home address: Rockton, Illinois.

(D) Fred Wesley, born May 29, 1880. Attended business college at Rockford, Iliinois. Married Myrta Young, December 26, 1901. Farmer. Address: Rockton, Ill. Three children: Lamont, Leland, Marjorie.

(a) Lamont Eugene, born September 25, 1902; died in infancy.

(b) Leland Parker, born June 28, 1904. Married Beverly MacDonald, January 19, 1929. Government Engineer. Three children:  Rita, Pamela Joyce, Jocelyn Lee.

(1) Cherilee Rita, born September 19, 1930, at Shirland, Illinois

(2) Pamela Joyce, born April 8, 1935 at Olympia, Washington.

(3) Jocelyn Lee, born October 13, 1941, Kodiak Island, Alaska.

(G) Marjorie Joy, born December 26, 1907. Married Francis J. Cunningham, July 21, 1929. Address: 2011 Twenty-Fourth Ave., North, Seattle, Washington. Three children: Judith Marie, James Richard, Anne Jarvis.

(1) Judith Marie Cunningham, born May 16, 1930 at Seattle, Washington.

(2) James Richard Cunningham, born December 25, 1931 at Seattle, Washington.

(3) Anne Jarvis Cunningham, born August 14, 1933 at Seattle, Washington.



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