106 years old / Norman Cummings 1906-2012

Norm Cummings lived to be 106 years old.  He was born in March 1906 and passed away December 7, 2012.  Wow!  Not many people make it to that age.  But don’t quote me on the March 8th birthdate.  I kind of think he was born on Feb. 29 and was a leap year baby, which I’ll need to confirm.

As a youth in high school, Norm was quiet and reserved.  His inquiring mind got him interested in that “new thing” called radio.  He had his own crystal set and was also interested in amateur radio.  His “ham shack” was in an upstairs bedroom, and he strung his antenna out a window to a tall, straight tree in the yard.  He built his own transmitter and receiver; and his call was 9ATZ.  As the years went by, his interest turned to photography; and during his many years at General Litho, his job was closely associated with photography.  As his father’s health declined, more responsibilities of the family home fell on Norm’s shoulders.  In 1942, he was drafted into the U. S. Army and he served in North Africa, Italy, and France.  (Information provided by his cousin Elva Bainbridge Anderson).

Cummings Obituary_ Norman Cummings’s 2012 Obituary by the Rockford Register Star

Cummings, Norman Memories shared at his Memorial Service

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cummings genevieve norman and lucille 3

Young Norman Cummings with his two sisters, Genevieve and Lucille (bow in hair)

cummings norms 90th birthday

This was taken at Norm’s 90th birthday in 1996. Seated in front of him is his wife Helen. Also pictured are two of his neices and a nephew: Phyllis Powell, Joann Gove (next to him) and Dwight A. Powell.

Norm "at work"

Norm “at work”

Parents: Roy CummingsIda “Elsie” Steward Cummings

Known Siblings:  Genevieve Cummings Powell, Lucille Cummings Hopkins

img575 img574

powell cummings genevieve and norman Scan 25 img577 img578




“Two Topless Women” – trick photography of Norm’s


October 29, 2005 w/ niece Joann Gove


Helen Lindquist before marrying Norman Cummings; Photo probably as a student nurse at Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines


“His ‘n’ Hers”; trick photography of Norm’s

img607 img619 img624


5 comments on “106 years old / Norman Cummings 1906-2012

  1. currentdescendent says:

    What an incredible life!

  2. Dick Gove says:

    Mark, this is amazing information. Thanks.

  3. Teri Ewing says:

    This is really cool Mark, love the old pictures.

  4. Dwight says:

    Thanks Mark – nice statement and pictures; so sad that the 106 years were wasted denying Jesus!!

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