Letter from Sarah Kern Powell to her son Ephraim – April 1872

Note to reader: I’ve tried to copy the manuscript word for word, including all the spelling errors.  If I noted each error with (sic) there would be too many to count =-)

To: Ephraim Powell
From: Sarah Kern Powell (his mother)
Dated: April 11, 1872

Dear son E Powell i will
try to let you now how it is with
us now we cant say that we are
well for father has binn very low
of late we have bin setin up with him
evry night for tow weeks he was
sweld all over but is now a little better
but he stil says he wont git
well again* he had got so that he
walkt out some times but got a
backset about four weeks ago and
I have not bin well for three weeks
i took cold and overdone my
self and am barly able to set up
long enough to write… (bottom part of the page is missing)

we received your welcome
leter last evening and when
they red it father raisd up in
bead to hear it and at last
got on a chair he felt glad
to hear from you again we
all felt glad and hope you will
do well but you must bee carefull
or els some will you the slip
George Powell has bought near mol
berrie and lives on it he bought 80 akers
as for dried appels i havend many
we dont bother with them since green appels
sels so well   remember nancy
wen i write to one i mean both… (both part of the page is missing)

 *he died at age 66 less than a year after this note was written.

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4 comments on “Letter from Sarah Kern Powell to her son Ephraim – April 1872

  1. Dwight Powell says:

    Hi Mark, Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Wis. Jen and Luke came home yesterday during the OSU/Mich football game. Carol and I were there; it was an exciting win (capping off a perfect 12:0 season) but freezing cold. Interesting letter from what I am guessing would be my great- great grandmother.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. EllaDee says:

    Thanks for sharing. What a great letter, and of such an age. For Sarah to be able to write this well in 1872 is impressive. I know of some even 2 generations back who would just be able to do as well.

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