May 1, 1939 May Powell’s letter to her daughter

This is one of three letters I have from May that were written just weeks before she died on May 18, 1939.

To: Dorothy Powell

From: May Pollock Powell (her mother)

Dated: May 1, 1939

My Dear Dorothy:

This has been a fine day- Daddy and I made the best of it.  We have all our early garden made.  We put in early potatoes and green corn this afternoon.  We are so tired tonight.  Daddy is trying to get some help with cleaning the barn yard.  He thinks Frank Boland(?) might come tomorrow.  He was in Rockford helping his brother today but expects to come home tonight.  I hope he does come.

Daddy has his seeding all done.  The oats are coming up fine.  He will be anxious to get his corn in now.

We staid (sic) home all day yesterday and rested.  We didn’t have a caller all day long.  We had callers Sat. Eve.  Norman took a moving picture of our new baby1 last week when he went after Mrs. Cummings.  She staid there a week.  They came out to show it to us.  It was so sweet.  Genevieve and her mother were working in the kitchen.  G. picked up the baby and was trying to wake her up.  Then she was giving her a bath.  She looked so bright and happy.  Then she was dressed.

We couldn’t go down last week.  Rain hindered Daddy with his work.  One morning picture was Jr. hanging out the wash.  It was so natural.

We had a nice time at P. T. A. Fri. night.  The district school went off fine.  She will have one more meeting.  Victor Grevas had an operation on his leg in hopes that he can walk on it.  Ernest King hasn’t done very well.  They expect to take him to the hospital.

The school play was good Thursday night.  They have a band concert this week and one next week.  I don’t suppose we will go.  I would like to go to the Shirland Home Coming of the school Sat. Eve.  I got an invitation today.  They expect to have a baked ham supper.  I think Uncle Sam will be there.

How is your work going?  Have they offered you a job for another year?  Did you hear New York fair over radio yesterday?  We heard it over the band hour last night.  Alice said she heard the President as he opened it.  It is a big fair I guess.  It will be a nice place for folks taking a vacation.

Mary Graham called me one day and said Maria and her husband were in Baton Rouge and called on Leslie.  She wrote them about her visit there.  It was nice they called I think.

Did you have a happy birthday?  I must close now.  It’s about my bed time.  I’m going to stat mowing the yard this week.  Hope everything is fine with you.  With love and kisses,


Editorial Note: 1The new baby was Phyllis Mae Powell.

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