Feb. 17, 1976 – Dwight Powell letter to family

Link to a scan of the actual letter:   1976-February scanned letter from D Powell

2308 Galen Dr.

Champaign, IL 61820

February 17, 1976

Dear Family,

I guess I owe everyone a letter.  Time keeps ticking off. Here it is the latter part of February.  Winter is most over.  At least, we are on the last leg of it.  Winter is when one tends to get bored, there is no yard, many times it isn’t enjoyable to walk.  So My day is pretty much always the same.  I still am trying to learn piano and must admit I am improving but probably not as fast as a younger person would.  There are probably a lot of exercises that I should be doing but they are exceedingly boring and I would probably lose interest fast if the teacher tried to force them on me.  So now I go along my merry way.  Try to read a little.  Am working on “Centennial” the book.  When one stays away from a specialized field like plant pathology too long he is soon behind.  I am really not interested in getting back into the field.  So I think I will just enjoy what life I have left and let it go at that.

LaVerne keeps busy with her sewing.  She registered in adult classes in Urbana High School and is taking a course on knits machine embroidery.  She has been busy making ragedy Ann dolls for her 2 small grandchildren, Suzy, and Brandy, and for Jennifer.  She makes all the clothes and makes matching dresses for the girls.  She may end up giving one to Jeffry since he was captivated watch LaVerne work on one.  She has an extra one and will watch Jeffry’s reaction when he visits here in April.  I just realized that I have made a 100 mistakes so I guess this isn’t my day.  I am still to get something back on medical expense.  They make it so easy for crooks to gyp the government and so hard for the presumably honest person to get anything.

Phyllis and family got home OK and apparently had a good trip back.  We hear from D. and his family, I sent a valentine to Jennifer and forgot to send one to Lori.  Joann and family a OK.  Love

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