Roy & Elsie Cummings – Early Married Days

The following biography is based on an interview with Lucille Cummings Hopkins by Mark Gove on March 19, 2000.  This was at a gathering after the burial of her sister Genevieve’s daughter Phyllis Powell.

“When my mother and dad (Elsie and Roy) were married, their first home was in several rooms of Grandma Lundy’s house on the south side of Roscoe.  I can still see it.  A pebbled ash house on the west side of the main street.   That’s where mother and dad started to live.   I think they lived there when Norman was born but Genevieve was born in Rockford.  When it was time for her to be born, Grandpa and Grandma Steward had gone somewhere for the winter whether it was west or south I don’t remember, Mother and Dad went down and lived in their part of the house on School St. and stayed there and Genevieve was born down there.  This is the house where Grandpa Steward lived after he retired from the farm and he did house painting.  When Genevieve was 8 weeks old, mom and dad bought the house that Grandpa and Grandma Cummings had been living in.  Grandpa and Grandma Cummings were building a new house.  I think dad paid $1,500 for it back then.  Both Lucille and her younger sister Marjorie were born in this house.  Marjorie did not live long.”

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