Dwight and Genevieve Powell meet; The Cum-Rich Quartet is formed

This is based on an interview with Lucille Cummings Hopkins by Mark Gove on March 19, 2000. This was at a gathering after the burial of her sister Genevieve’s daughter Phyllis Powell.

Genevieve and Dwight Powell met in high school. They went to high school together because by that time we had a community high school. Up until this time, Roscoe had a 2-year high school. The new community high school included the Roscoe, Rockton, and Shirland area. It was such a little high school and they had classes together. In fact, Dwight dated one of Genevieve’s close friends, Inez Carlson (born Richardson). Inez was 92 and still going strong at the time of this interview.

The 2 Richardson girls had a younger brother and us 2 Cummings girls had an older brother, but we all grew up very close together.

The Cum-Rich Quartet; The back of the photo identifies the people as follows: Inez – piano, Lois – violin, Genevieve – sax, and Lucille – clarinet

Inez and Genevieve were very close in age as were Lois and I. So we were just always together. Inez played the piano, Genevieve picked up Norman’s old saxophone, and I played a clarinet my brother found at a sale one time. I put it together with rubber bands and toothpicks and learned to play the clarinet. Lois played the fiddle, so we had what we called “The Cum-Rich Quartet”.  We actually went out and played music to put on programs for people during the Depression. And they paid us even! We had a wonderful growing up in that wonderful town of Roscoe.

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