Trips into Roscoe & an Accidental Meeting

The following story was told during an interview with Lucille Cummings Hopkins by Mark Gove on March 19, 2000.  It is about Lucille’s mother and her mother’s parents who were with her as well as her mother’s sister Dell.

“There wasn’t really a town there, in Owen Center.  There was a school and a church.  So when they needed a doctor, they went about 7 or 8 miles to Roscoe to the doctor.  At one time, I don’t know why, the family was on a trip over to Roscoe, to see the doctor and something happened to their rig actually it was more horses back in those days and they stopped at a farm on the way, right close to the Rock River and they stopped at this home.  And the Liffords lived in this home and they became acquainted that way.  I don’t know what help they needed but I know that from then on, that the Liffords became very good friends of theirs.  And when they went to Roscoe, they would always stop at Liffords to see how they were and all.

And mother and Dell became acquainted with the youngest Lifford daughter whose name was Emma.  And it was through Emma that my mother and father met in Roscoe, some time later.  I don’t know the specifics or the years in which this all happened, but mother got acquainted with Roscoe young people through Emma Lifford.  And the Liffords eventually retired and lived in this big house on the south end of Roscoe.  It was quite a beautiful big old house.

But mother and dad started dating and eventually, although mother had moved to Rockford by that time, Grandpa had retired, they were married and lived in Roscoe.  Emma was also married later and lived in Roscoe on a farm east of town.  She was always my “Aunt Emma” and her husband was my “Uncle Joe”.  They had 3 boys and mama had a boy and 2 girls.  We all kinda grew up together knowing each other.  Emma’s children were all younger than I was.  There was Lifford and Dudley and Herbert.  But they stayed friends all those many years after the accidental meeting at the old farmhouse.”


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